Racial Justice Statement

Our mission is to preserve the independence, hope and dignity for the low-income and at-risk people we serve. This can only be accomplished if we call attention and object to the many obstacles that are in place for communities of color. As an organization, we condemn the recent increase of violence and hate crimes against the Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander communities along with racism, bigotry, sexism and all forms of discrimination. We provide services to clients regardless of their race, sex, national origin, gender or sexual orientation.

We want our clients, staff, volunteers and supporters to know that we are continuing to take steps to address these challenges. In doing so, we must continue to listen to our community, oppose racism, and promote a fair and just legal system for all. In our 53 years of service, our mission has brought us to fight against inequities from denial of fair housing opportunities to health disparities and more

We remain committed to creating pathways to justice through high-quality legal services, education, and community partnerships. For the last year, as part of our commitment to engage in internal conversations and training on racism, we are certain that we will emerge as stronger organization prepared to ensure our commitment to equality, racial equity and providing access to justice. As we continue to improve our efforts to reach, form effective partnerships, and honor our clients and client communities that have faced systemic exclusion because of race, language, culture, and gender Bay Area will remain steadfast in our mission to serve our community and provide access to justice.

Richard Woltmann Signature
Richard Woltmann (CEO/President)

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Joan Boles (Deputy Director)