Justice Works! The Campaign for Bay Area Legal Services

Justice Works! Launch Event

Thursday, January 14, 2021
5:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.

This event will formally launch Bay Area Legal's first-ever comprehensive three-year campaign: Justice Works!

Hosted by Thaddeus Bullard, aka WWE Superstar Titus O'Neil, an accomplished athlete, global entertainer, and philanthropist.

Justice Works! Launch Event
Justice works to root out the inequities that keep people in poverty.

Communities Need Civil Legal Aid

When people face legal challenges that can risk their safety, quality of life, or well-being, legal aid intervenes—preventing them from falling deeper into poverty, and providing them with a second chance.

We know that justice works! Our advocacy is life-changing. Civil legal aid removes barriers to opportunity, empowers individuals and families, and provides stability that our clients need to enjoy greater engagement in their communities.

The Justice Works! Campaign is a comprehensive three-year effort to raise the critical funds needed to sustain and grow our programs. Support for this campaign will fund program-wide operating costs and special programs like our Veterans Medical-Legal Partnership Initiative.

The complex issues we help solve:

  • Protecting seniors from scam artists and abusive family members 
  • Advocating for the legal rights of children in foster care 
  • Ensuring domestic violence survivors have the legal protections they need
  • Giving veterans access to mental and physical health benefits
  • and much more!

We cannot meet the growing demand for our services.

We support


individuals, families, and community groups.

But receive


callers and online applicants seeking legal services.

Americans report


of their civil legal problems go under/unsupported.

For veterans


of the top issues that lead to homelessness can only be solved with legal aid.

Meet Our Donors

The lack of a level playing field would leave the underprivileged with few options for seeking justice. Bay Area Legal Services brings fairness to the legal system and encourages an orderly resolution for all. I encourage businesses and financially stable Floridians to contribute to Bay Area Legal." Tom Elligett
Tom Elligett, Development Council Chairperson

Success Story

In Florida, approximately 231,000 children live with relatives that are not their parents.