Hillsborough County Housing Stability Program

Are you a Hillsborough County renter having housing problems? Help is available!

We work with you and your landlord to try to get a plan to move forward outside of eviction Court. This might be a payment plan or a move out plan, it just depends on what you and your landlord both agree to.

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to force tenants and landlords to agree, but we can try to work out a plan.

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Services for Tenants

Legal information and advice so tenants understand their rights and responsibilities as a renter, Florida Landlord-Tenant law, and the scope of their lease. This helps you understand your options as tenant and helps you reach a plan with your landlord. 
Information about rental and other financial assistance so tenants can apply for any available financial assistance that might help them get back on track with their landlord. 

Hands-on assistance applying for rental assistance so tenants with language, ability, technology, or other barriers can get the help they need throughout the rental assistance application process.

Social work services so tenants facing on-going barriers to safe and affordable housing through case management and connections to needed resources.

    Apply for Services

    Interested Hillsborough County renters should call the Bay Area Legal Services' Legal Aid Line: (800) 625-2257.

    We will determine if you're eligible during the phone call.

    The Hillsborough County Housing Stability Program is open to Hillsborough County tenants who make 80% or less of the area median income (AMI) and meet other eligibility criteria. See the list below for the household income limits by number of household members.
    1 household members: Up to $39,400
    2 household members: Up to $45,000
    3 household members: Up to $50,650
    4 household members: Up to $56,250
    5 household members: Up to $60,750
    6 household members: Up to $65,250
    7 household members: Up to $69,750
    8 household members: Up to $74,250
    9 household members: Up to $78,750
    10 household members: Up to $83,250
    *These eligibility guidelines are for the program above ONLY and do not represent the eligibility guidelines of the firm.

    Hillsborough County Housing Stability Program is offered in partnership with Community Law Program and funded by Hillsborough County.

    The Tenant's Handbook attempts to provide you with an overview of your rights and responsibilities as a tenant under Florida Law.

    The information will help you in taking the proper steps to protect these rights. The more you know about your legal rights, the better you will be able to use them.

    The Tenant's Handbook