Request for Proposal

Evaluation of TIG 20001 Project

Bay Area Legal Services (BALS) will consider all responses that are sent to the project manager, David Gray, by 5:00 p.m. EST on December 23, 2020. Please include the name of the project, “Evaluation of TIG 20001 Project” in the subject line. All vendor communications concerning this RFP must be directed to dgray[at] Any oral communications will be considered unofficial and nonbinding on BALS. Only written statements issued by the project manager may be relied upon.


Through this Request for Proposal (RFP), Bay Area Legal Services (BALS) seeks responses from vendors interested in evaluating the effectiveness of BALS’s business process improvement and document automation project (TIG 20001). In addition to conducting the evaluation, the successful vendor will produce a draft of the evaluation report. This project is funded by a Technology Initiative Grant (TIG) awarded by the Legal Services Corporation (LSC) with an evaluation budget of $10,000-$15,000.

About Us

Founded in 1967, Bay Area Legal Services (BALS) is a nonprofit law firm serving low-income residents in the Tampa Bay area, and seniors and veterans across the state of Florida. BALS helps with legal problems such as family law and domestic violence, housing law and eviction, consumer law, government benefits and healthcare, bankruptcy, taxes, disaster relief, issues affecting seniors and veterans, support for nonprofit businesses, and many more legal matters. Last year, the firm received more than 58,000 applications for services and assisted approximately 17,600 individual families and community groups –including more than 4,500 senior clients, 3,300 clients with housing problems, 1,200 veterans, and 400 domestic violence survivors. Additional information regarding BALS and our services is available on our website:

Project Description

The goal of TIG 20001 is to increase the quality and value of direct services to clients of BALS through business process improvement initiatives combined with the use of document assembly software and LegalServer, to create automated documents and processes that improve the ease-of-use, efficiencies, and accuracy in the production of client and court documents. This goal will be reached through three objectives:

  1. Implement business process improvement initiatives through firm-wide advocate and staff trainings. Trainings will occur throughout the two-year project period. Approximately 100 BALS staff will receive BPI training during the project period.
  2. Design, implement, and assess BPI initiatives through hands-on pilot projects identified by advocates and staff. Approximately 15-20 advocates/staff total will participate in at least two hands-on projects.
  3. Integrate document assembly software and LegalServer client management software to create new automated documents and processes that improve ease-of-use and efficiencies as BALS advocates/staff produce client and court documents.

The evaluation will assess the usefulness, usability, accuracy, and efficiency of the BPI employee training, pilot projects, and document automation technology. In addition, the evaluator will work with BALS to structure the evaluation and help compile the information into a report no later than April 30, 2023. BALS wants to ensure it is collecting and measuring the most applicable data from the start of its project. What are our questions? How do we answer them? From whom and what instruments are needed? What exactly do we need to know? The vendor’s pre- and post-design of the evaluation is key to showing if TIG 20001 is successful and replicable.

To accomplish this, it is intended the evaluation will be comprised of information and data, including but not limited to:

BPI employee training:

  • Copies of BPI education/training materials
  • List of advocates/staff who received education/training
  • List of dates of trainings and number of attendees at each
  • Feedback data from surveys/interviews

Pilot projects:

  • Summary of advocate/staff hands-on pilot projects
  • List of advocates/staff participating in each hands-on pilot project
  • Documentation materials from each hands-on pilot project
  • Feedback data from surveys/interviews
  • Analysis of pilot projects

Document automation:

  • List of dates of trainings and number of attendees at each
  • List of implemented changes (i.e. automated documents produced and process improvements)
  • Documentation/materials relevant to development of new automated documents and processes
  • Feedback data from surveys/interviews, including clients as appropriate
  • Analysis of results of document automation and new processes

For more information see the attached Project Narrative and Program Evaluation Plan Form. It is anticipated that the vendor will work with BALS staff to conduct the surveys and interviews and that necessary data will be gathered by BALS and project partners.

NOTE: No travel is necessary for this project.

Selection Schedule (Subject to Change)

  • BALS opens RFP: December 2, 2020
  • Deadline for bidders to submit questions: December 11, 2020
  • BALS response to bidder questions: December 16, 2020
  • Bidder proposals due: December 23, 2020
  • Successful vendor announced: December 30, 2020
  • Contract signed and work commences: January 6, 2021

Project Timeline

The TIG project started November 1, 2020, and ends October 31, 2022, with a nine-month evaluation period ending on July 31, 2023. BALS anticipates the evaluation work will start on January 6, 2021, and the formal evaluation will be completed within six-months of the TIG project ending, no later than April 30, 2023.

Proposal Format

RFP responses should be delivered via email in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format. Proposals should adhere to the format below.

  • Introduction/Executive Summary, including:
    • Project understanding, recommendation, and objectives
  • Project Schedule and Development Process, including:
    • Your approach to the evaluation process
    • Process for creating a final scope of work document, e.g., define deliverables, create milestones, etc.
    • Your customer communication and project management procedures
  • Project Budget Estimates and Costs Projections, including:
    • Provide a breakdown of costs
    • Identify any additional expenses, fees, etc. that you will require to complete the project
    • Travel should not be included
    • The budget will NOT exceed $15,000 for the project
  • Company Profile, including:
    • Background, capabilities, and related experience
  • Attachments:
    • Examples of similar projects recently performed
    • Short biographies of all who will work on the project
    • Professional references

Selection Criteria

We will consider all responses that are sent to the project manager, David Gray, by 5:00 p.m. EST on December 23, 2020. Please include the name of the project, “Evaluation of TIG 20001 Project” in the subject line.

The following criteria will be used to evaluate the submitted proposals:

  • Experience working with legal aid organizations and/or with nonprofit organizations
  • Demonstrated commitment to exceptional customer service and responding to client requests in a timely fashion
  • Price that is commensurate with the value offered by the company and ability to work within a budget
  • Responses are clear, organized, creative, and logical
  • Candidate has successfully completed similar projects and has the qualifications necessary to undertake this project
  • Demonstrated detailed-oriented results
  • Past performance working with an LSC funded project (if applicable)
  • Past performance working with BALS (if applicable)

Terms & Conditions

Ownership of Materials and Confidentiality. All work done for the project and content will be owned by BALS, its successors and assigns. BALS, its successors and assigns, will have full access to and have the right to customize all outreach materials. The contractors will sign a confidentiality agreement with BALS before the engagement starts.

Costs of Preparing Responses. BALS will not pay any vendor costs associated with preparing responses submitted in response to this RFP.

Responses Property of BALS. All responses, accompanying documentation and other materials submitted in response to this RFP shall become the property of BALS and will not be returned.

Proprietary Information/Public Disclosure. All responses received shall remain confidential until the evaluation is completed, and the vendor is selected and approved.

RFP Amendments/Cancellation/Reissue/Reopen. BALS reserves the right to change the RFP Schedule or issue amendments to this at any time. BALS also reserves the right to cancel or reissue the RFP.

Minor Administrative Irregularities. BALS reserves the right to waive minor administrative irregularities contained in any response.

Inability to Enter Contract. BALS reserves the right to eliminate from further consideration any vendor that BALS, because of legal or other considerations, is unable to contract with at the time responses are due.

No Obligation to Enter a Contract. The release of this RFP does not compel BALS to enter any contract.

  • BALS reserves the right to refrain from contracting with any vendor that has responded to this RFP whether or not the vendor's response has been evaluated and whether or not the vendor has been determined to be qualified. Exercise of this reserved right does not affect BALS’ right to contract with any other vendor.
  • BALS reserves the right to request an interview with any vendor and/or a demonstration from any vendor prior to entering a contract with that vendor. If a vendor declines the request for an interview or demonstration for any reason, the vendor may be eliminated from further consideration.

Non-Endorsement. The selection of a vendor pursuant to this RFP does not constitute an endorsement of the vendor's services. The vendor agrees to make no reference to BALS in any literature, promotional material, brochures, sales presentations, or the like without the express written consent of BALS.

Contract Payment Limitations. To be negotiated.

Responses to RFP Questions

Will the firmwide and staff training be available to the evaluators?

Yes. We plan to record all training sessions, and make the best version public or recreate the training for public viewing. Evaluators will have access to all recordings.

Will the two hands-on pilot projects be part of the evaluation project?

Yes. With guidance from the project lead, the two hands-on projects will be selected by staff based on their feedback and using a project selection tool.

Do you expect to automate 35 documents as outlined in the Program Evaluation Plan Form?

Yes. While this number may change, we intend to automate approximately 35 documents as outlined in the Program Evaluation Plan Form. It should be noted that the total document count includes a Spanish version if/when applicable.

Is Community.Lawyer the required document assembly platform for the TIG project?

Yes. While there’s always a small chance the chosen document assembly software may change, we have selected and intend to use Community.Lawyer for our project.

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