Facts & Figures

In 2019, Bay Area Legal Services:

  • Assisted 16,252 individuals, families, and community groups
  • Responded to 58,145 callers and online applicants seeking legal services
  • Helped 9,939 individuals with family law matters
  • Supported 4,926 residents in the Tampa Bay area through our Legal Information Center by providing them with legal information about how to represent themselves in family law cases
  • Helped 6,358 senior clients
  • Assisted 302 domestic violence survivors
  • Helped 1,292 military veterans
  • Assisted 3,087 clients with housing problems
  • Helped 201 clients with employment-related matters
  • Served 2,137 clients through pro bono projects and clinics
  • 2,834 hours donated by pro bono attorneys to the Volunteer Lawyers Program
  • Pro bono hours resulted in $850,200 worth of billable attorney hours to our bottom line
  • 2,273 hours donated by law students and non-FL licensed attorneys to the Volunteer Lawyers Program
  • 212 hours donated by paralegals and interpreters

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