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COMING SOON: Bay Area Legal Services will update this page as the TIG project progresses.

2020 LSC Technology Initiative Grant (TIG) #20001

The Legal Services Corporation (LSC) awarded Bay Area Legal Services a $138,010 Technology Initiative Grant (TIG) to improve the organizations’ use of technology in assisting low-income individuals with civil legal needs.

Established in 2000, LSC’s TIG program supports legal aid organizations in developing and replicating technologies that improve efficiency and provide greater access to high-quality legal assistance. 

“LSC’s Technology Initiative Grants support projects that improve the delivery of legal services and information to people who would otherwise have to navigate the legal system alone,” said LSC President Ronald S. Flagg. “These projects use technology to leverage scarce human resources and increase access to justice for low-income individuals and families with critical legal needs.”

More Information

Process Improvement Introduction and 2020 LSC TIG Summary (Rough Cut)

David Gray's presentation "What is Process Improvement and Why Should I Care?" from Bay Area Legal Services' 2020 Annual Training. The presentation introduces Bay Area Legal staff to the firm's process improvement initiatives and its 2020 Legal Services Corporation (LSC) Technology Initiative Grant (TIG) two-year project.