Judges Joining Forces

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Every year, millions try to navigate U.S. courts without a lawyer. These Judges are changing that.

Our Judges Joining Forces campaign creates pathways to justice for low-income people. Our supporters believe that justice and fairness are a right, not a privilege.

A gift of any amount from a Judge or retired Judge provides recognition as a Judges Joining Forces member.

    Bay Area Legal Services has assisted literally thousands of people in our community, who otherwise would have been unprepared or unrepresented in court. This assistance has worked to alleviate congestion in the legal system and has helped create a more efficient process for litigants, witnesses, court staff and judges. Through its efforts, Bay Area Legal has been instrumental in preserving and maintaining equal access to justice, which is the foundation of our democracy.

    Former Chief Judge Manuel Menendez, Jr.

    Hillsborough County

    Your Gift:

    • Supports our Legal Information Center and Family Forms Clinic at the Hillsborough County Courthouse, helping pro se litigants.
    • Provides attorneys and pro bono support to low-income community members.
    • Alleviates congestion in the court system and creates a more efficient process for all.

    Thank you to all of our judges for their generous support!

    2020 Members

    • The Honorable Richard L. Greco
    • The Honorable Bernard C. Silver

    2019 Members

    • Honorable Chris W. Altenbernd
    • Honorable Rex Martin Barbas
    • Honorable Herbert M. Berkowitz
    • Honorable Catherine M. Catlin
    • Honorable C. Timothy Corcoran, III
    • Honorable Marva Louise Crenshaw
    • Honorable Paul W. Danahy
    • Honorable Caryl E. Delano
    • Honorable Richard L. Greco
    • Honorable Elizabeth A. Jenkins
    • Honorable Paul T. Jeske
    • Honorable Catherine Peek McEwen
    • Honorable Manuel Menendez, Jr.
    • Honorable James S. Moody, Jr.
    • Honorable Emily Peacock
    • Honorable Samuel Salario, Jr.
    • Honorable William H. Seaver
    • Honorable Julie Sneed
    • Honorable Lynn Tepper
    • Honorable Christine Voge

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