Legacy for Justice Society

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Make a gift through your estate that costs nothing during your lifetime.

Make equal access to justice a piece of your legacy. You can create a thoughtful planned gift that will benefit Bay Area Legal Services now and for years to come.

Legacy giving can be as simple as including a bequest in your will or adding Bay Area Legal as a beneficiary on a life insurance policy or retirement asset. By doing so, you will become a member of Bay Area Legal’s Legacy for Justice Society and ensure justice to those in need for years to come.

If you have already added us to your estate plan, please notify us so we may welcome you as a member of our Legacy for Justice Society.

Legacy for Justice Society Members


  • Edward M. Waller, Jr.


  • Rosemary E. Armstrong & Morris (Sandy) Weinberg, Jr.
  • Joan C. Boles
  • Raymond (Tom) T. Elligett, Jr.
  • Chuck & Beth Eppley
  • George F. Gramling III
  • Cynthia J. Liles
  • Carol Still Moody
  • Alyssa A. Ruge
  • Sheila L. Seig
  • L. Casey Shear
  • Sylvia H. Walbolt
  • Gary Walker
  • Richard (Dick) C. & Katherine H. Woltmann


  • William (Bill) K. Zewadski


  • Hon. Richard (Rick) A. & Linda R. Nielsen


  • Richard A. Gilbert
  • Hon. Richard (Dick) L. Greco, Jr. & Carol Greco
  • Linda D. Hartley
  • J.P. & Lynda LaCasse


  • Kathleen Kloiber Koch
  • Michael (Mike) A. & Rachelle D. Bedke
  • Rose G. Brempong
  • Amy K. Jones
  • Hon. Leslie K. Schultz-Kin
  • William (Bill) C. & Alexandra Frye


    • Russell (Russ) A. Harrison
    • John A. Guyton, III
    • David T. & Carla C. Knight
    • Robert (Bob) H. & Karen M. Buesing


    • Alexandra E. Pullara
    • Scott A. & Sarah B. Stichter
    • Elizabeth (Betsey) L. Hapner
    • Craig E. & Diane M. Rothburd
    • Victoria (Tori) Dowdle
    • Daniel (Dan) C. Reigle


    • Gwynne A. Young
    • Kathleen S. McLeroy

    Honor Roll

    • The Late Hon. Don Castor*
    • The Late L. David Shear
    • The Late Don M. Stichter
    • The Late Margaret D. Mathews
    • The Late Hon. Paul W. Danahy, Jr.

    *Founding members