Judge Don Castor Community Law Center Application

If you are a nonprofit organization, community group, or small business seeking assistance, please answer all of the questions below.

Please reply with "N/A" to any questions that are not applicable to you or your organization.
Phone Number

State of Incorporation
If you are incorporated, are you:
If you are a not-for-profit corporation, are you tax-exempt?

Does/will the corporation serve primarily low-income people?

Do you have a business plan?
Do you have articles of incorporation?
Do you have bylaws?
Do you have a copy of your Application for Exempt Status (501c3)?
Do you have a copy of the IRS Determination Letter for your 501c3 organization?
Do you have a website?
Do you have any written materials describing your organizational mission?

Is the corporation financially unable to retain and pay for a private attorney?

Does the corporation (proposed) have any board members who are attorneys?
Can this attorney assist with this matter?
Has the corporation (proposed) retained and paid an attorney in the past 12 months?