The eviction papers tell me to deposit rent into the court registry (with the Clerk of Court). What must I do?

You must file a written response with the court. If you already paid all the rent the landlord says you owe, write “PAYMENT” in your Answer. Attach written proof of payment.

If you do not agree with the amount the landlord says you owe:

  1. Title your written response “MOTION TO DETERMINE RENT.”
  2. Attach proof of the amount you believe is due.
  3. Deposit that amount with the Clerk of Court.
  4. If more rent becomes due during the court case, deposit the additional rent with the Clerk when due.

NOTE: Depositing rent owed with the Clerk of Court helps get a court hearing. It does not mean that you win the case.

If the judge rules against you in court, the landlord can evict you following the steps listed in What happens if I do not file an Answer or pay the rent to the Clerk?.

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