Post-Disaster: What Happens Next?

3 things you should do after a disaster hits.

1. Make sure everyone is safe.

Disasters can cause a lot of stress so it's important to make sure that everyone around you is calm and collected.

If there are minor injuries that can be sustained with a first aid kit, try to help as much as possible on your own.

Some emergencies services can be suspended until an area is safe, so be prepared to handle minor issues until then.

2. Avoid standing water.

After a hurricane, there is sometimes standing water in the streets.

Do not attempt to cross standing water in your vehicle, because it's impossible to know how deep the water is.

Avoid driving at all if community or weather alerts indicate that the roads are impassable.

3. Contact your insurance company.

Make sure to contact your insurance company as soon as practicable if there is damage to your home or other property.

Some insurance policies will carry additional requirements for the insured specifically a duty to report damage or to mitigate damages to the property following a disaster.

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