I applied for reemployment assistance benefits but was denied. What do I do?

If denied for any reason, it is important that you file an appeal of that decision online within 20 days of the date of denial. If you miss this deadline, your case is likely over. If you get a favorable decision on your application for benefits, your former employer can also appeal within 20 days.

Once you or your former employer file an appeal, you should get a telephone hearing with an appeals referee. You will need to prove the reason that you are no longer employed. If you were laid off, you should get benefits. If you were fired, your former employer needs to show that you engaged in some type of deliberate conduct – such as insubordination, not calling into work, or excessive time off. If you quit your job, you need to show it was because of something your former employer did – such as large increase or reduction in hours or a hostile work environment.

If you are involved in any type of appeal, you may call Bay Area Legal for possible representation in your appeal.

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