Become a Sustaining Law Firm

Our community needs your help!

How to Become a Sustaining Law Firm

  • It’s easy! The collective giving of the firm must equal $350 per attorney.

Member Benefits

  • Our prestigious Sustaining Law Firm badge
  • An ad in the HCBA's Lawyer Magazine and the CBA's Res Ipsa Loquitur
  • Your firm name on our website
  • And kudos at our annual donor event

To become a Sustaining Law Firm member, contact our Development office:

Why We’re Here

  • Scientific research has shown that the single most important predictor of a child’s healthy growth and development is the attachment he/she forms with a consistent, loving caregiver.
  • Seniors are often left vulnerable to fraud and schemes, and are less likely to report a crime.
  • Being behind on rent or living under deplorable living conditions are often invisible to society, but can have drastic effects on a child’s health.

What We Do: Create Pathways to Justice

  • Help children in foster care find permanency in stable, loving homes.
  • Protect families from domestic violence and child abuse.
  • Help veterans and seniors fight foreclosure and retain their homes.
  • And help low-income residents throughout the Tampa Bay community.