Sustaining Law Firms

Sustaining Law Firms stand with justice by donating $350+ per attorney at their firm.

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2024 Sustaining Law Firms

Law firms who have an open 3-year pledge are bolded below and are featured on our Hall of Justice donor recognition wall located at our Ybor City Office and online.

  • Gail Martin Abercrombie, P.A.
  • Law Office of Christopher T Abrunzo, PLLC
  • Akel Law
  • Anton Legal Group
  • Armando Personal Injury Law
  • Richard A. Bokor, P.A.
  • Eric Boles Law Firm
  • Brandon Family Law Center LLC
  • Brannock Berman & Seider
  • The Breton Law Firm
  • Buell & Elligett, P.A.
  • Burr & Forman LLP
  • Carey, O'Malley, Whitaker, Mueller, Roberts & Smith, P.A.
  • Carney Law Firm, P.A.
  • Law Offices of Julia Best Chase, P.A.
  • Conwell Business Law, LLLP
  • Cooper Estate Law, PLLC
  • Cortes Hodz Family Law & Mediation, P.A.
  • Delzer, Coulter & Bell, P.A.
  • The Diamond Law Firm, P.A.
  • Dickstein Law, P.A.
  • Richard W. Driscoll, P.A.
  • Eaton Law
  • The Family Law Source, P.A.
  • The Fernandez Firm
  • Paul Figueroa Law
  • Leo D. Gomez, P.A.
  • Rebecca A. Graham, P.A.
  • Greco & Wozniak, P.A.
  • Greenlee Law, PLLC
  • Guerra & Partners, P.A.
  • Gunn Appellate Practice, P.A.
  • Gunn Law Group, P.A.
  • Gunster
  • William E. Hahn, P.A.
  • Linda C. Hanna, P.A.
  • Hapner Law
  • Harris, Hunt & Derr, P.A.
  • The Law Office of Timothy T. Harris
  • Law Office of Susan G. Haubenstock
  • Hilary High, P.A.
  • Fraser Himes, P.A.
  • Law Offices of George Hunter, P.A.
  • Imler Law
  • A. Woodson Isom Jr., P.A.
  • Cole Jeffries, P.A.
  • Karatinos Law, PLLC
  • Kay Family Law PLLC
  • Kirkner Family Law Group
  • Lauro & Singer
  • LaVoie & Kaizer, P.A.
  • Mark A. Linsky, P.A.
  • Magaziner Law, P.A.
  • McKnight Law Group
  • Mark E. Miller, P.A.
  • Denny Morgenstern, PLLC
  • The Law Office of John C. Murrow, P.A.
  • Law Office of Justin Petredis
  • Alice M. Porch, P.A.
  • Lizbeth Potts, P.A.
  • Rinaldo Law Group
  • Craig E. Rothburd, P.A.
  • Joseph C. Russo, P.A.
  • Tamlyn S. Sbar, P.A.
  • Sessums Black Family Law
  • Jeffrey C. Shannon, P.A.
  • Slutzky Law Firm
  • Malcolm R. Smith, P.A.
  • Stearns Weaver Miller
  • The C. Suszko Law Firm
  • John E. Sullivan, P.A.
  • Thacker and Mulvihill, PLLC
  • Thaler Law Firm
  • Rory B. Weiner, P.A.
  • Rywant, Alvarez, Jones, Russo & Guyton, P.A.
  • Richard A. Venditti, P.A.
  • Wenzel Fenton Cabassa, P.A.
  • Law Offices of Deborah Larned Werner, P.A.
  • Westchase Legal Center
  • Williams & Doddridge, P.A.
  • Teresa P. Williams, P.A.
  • Winters & Yonker, P.A.
  • Mark H. Wright, PLLC
  • Tom Young, Mediator, Arbitrator, Special Magistrate

Our firm has supported Bay Area Legal for decades in various ways—offering free office space during the recession, doing pro bono work, supporting their consideration for cy pres grants, establishing an endowment in memory of Don Stichter, and of course, renewing our Sustaining Law Firm support each year. We encourage all attorneys to support this important cause by becoming a member.”

Scott Stichter

Scott A. Stichter, Shareholder

Stichter Riedel Blain & Postler, P.A.

View our 2023 Sustaining Law Firms member list.