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Cases Available as of October 2019


Case # 19-xxx4458 (Bankruptcy)
The client sustained significant damage to her property during hurricane Irma. This event along, with a number of financial burdens, has saddled her with debts she cannot pay. The client also faces nearly 3 years of unpaid property taxes, potentially putting her home at risk. The client needs a review of her debts and consultation as to potential remedy through bankruptcy.

Family Law

Case # 19-xxx2120 (Custody)
Our, disabled, client seeks assistance with a custody matter. The client has been raising his four children for the past five years without the opposing party’s involvement. Additionally, the opposing party has only seen the children twice within that timeframe. In order to terminate her child support obligation, the OP is seeking custody of three of the four children. Client is concerned because the youngest two children are too young to remember her. The opposing party has filed a petition to modify the current custody order. Volunteer attorney needed to represent the client in the pending custody matter.

Case # 19-xxx7262 (Timesharing)
Client and opposing party were never married and have a 2-year-old child together. Paternity has already been established through a Child Support Enforcement case. Father seeks 50/50 timesharing but client has concerns with this much timesharing due to stability of the child’s father. A timesharing action has been filed by father and he is represented. Client will need further assistance in the ongoing case.


Case # 19-xxx0816 (Guardian Advocacy)
Our client seeks assistance in becoming guardian advocate for her developmentally disabled 24-year-old son. Client’s son suffers from Mental Retardation and possible Cerebral Palsy. He is unable to follow any instructions and functions on the level of a preschool child. Volunteer attorney needed to represent client in this proceeding.

Case # 19-xxx3717 (Guardian Advocacy)
Our, Spanish speaking only, clients are seeking assistance with being appointed Guardian Advocate of their Developmentally Disabled son. The intended ward suffers from Cerebral Palsy and functions at the level of a two year old. Volunteer attorney is needed to represent the clients in the court process.


Case # 19-xxx4801 (Contract)
Client's home sustained significant damage from hurricane Irma. Client filed an insurance claim and was approved for a payout. The client, however, never received the funds and the mortgage company instead secured the money and is refusing to release to the client for repairs. Client has also had difficulty in securing insurance policy and feels that she may have been improperly billed through mortgage company for non-existent policy.

Case # 19-xxx9379 (Unfair and Deceptive Sales and Practices)
Our client, a retired, disabled veteran, needs assistance with a deceptive sales matter. He gave the opposing party, also a veteran, money to purchase a car for him. The OP confirmed he found a car and had it shipped to himself. Once the client began asking for the car the OP told him the title was lost so he would not be able to give him the car right away. Thereafter, he began giving the client other excuses such as the car could not be driven without a proper tag and other various excuses. Unbeknownst to the client, the OP has used this scam several times in the past and has a record for grand theft. Client is in need of an attorney to represent him in getting his money back or getting the car along with the title.


Case # 19-xxx3136 (Formal Administration)(No Place Like Home)(Experienced volunteer attorney needed)
Client seeks to probate grandmother’s estate to obtain title to home. Grandmother deeded the home to self and son (client’s uncle) as joint tenants with rights of survivorship. The uncle died a few years ago, leaving no children. Client’s grandmother died intestate last year, leaving 8 children, 3 of whom are adopted minor children and 2 who predeceased the grandmother. One of the predeceased children was separated from her husband at time of death. She had

Case # 19-xxx1452 (Probate)
Our client's mother passed away 4/2018. Her husband predeceased her. He had a life insurance policy and designated client's mother as the beneficiary. Therefore, these funds are now due to her mother’s estate. Client has 7 siblings, one of whom is deceased. This sibling was not married and had no children. Client states that her mother had money in her bank account when she passed. Client's mother had dementia and was losing capacity; therefore, client thinks her brother was taking advantage of that situation by using a POA to redistribute her funds. Client is pretty certain her mother had a will but has not been able to locate one and her brother will not cooperate with her. Client needs assistance in filing a Summary Administration to distribute the assets of her mother’s estate.

Case # 19-xxx1537 (Probate)(No Place Like Home)
Disabled client seeks title to family home. Client and wife moved in several years ago to take care of brother, who was terminally ill. Client needs help with probate of brother’s intestate estate. Client’s brother had no children; no wife. Parents predeceased him. There are little to no assets aside from the homestead. There are two City of Tampa mortgages on the home in the name of client’s brother’s significant other, who owned the home with the brother as a joint tenant with rights of survivorship. She predeceased the brother. Client needs title to modify the mortgages. In addition to client, there are two other siblings: one predeceased the brother, leaving a wife and an adult child. All consent to client obtaining title to home.

Case # 19-xxx2440 (Probate)(No Place Like Home)
Spanish-speaking elderly client seeks help with obtaining title to husband’s home. Client is entitled to a life estate. Title will help her communicate with the mortgage company. Mortgage is current. Husband died intestate over two years ago, leaving an adult child from a former marriage. Husband’s second child predeceased the husband, leaving two children and a wife. Client and husband had no children of their own. She has not communicated with step-son (they did not get along) nor does she recall the names of the pre-deceased son’s family members.

Case # 19-xxx7063 (Probate – No Place Like Home)
Client's daughter passed away in March. She did not have a will. Her daughter had 4 children (3 of whom are minors) and was divorced at the time of her death. Her ex-husband, the father of 2 of her children, is also deceased. She never married the other father and he is not involved in the children’s lives. Client has been awarded Temporary Custody of the three minor children. Client is currently living with all 4 children in her daughter’s home and has been paying the mortgage. Client’s daughter also owned a vehicle free and clear of debt. Client needs assistance in filing a Petition for Summary Administration so she can distribute the assets of the estate into a trust for her grandchildren.

Case # 19-xxx2663 (Probate)(No Place Like Home)
Client’s boyfriend owned the home in which client resides with their minor child. Boyfriend died intestate in 2015. His only heirs were client’s child and another minor child. He was not married. Client wants to continue to reside in the home and protect her child’s interest in the home. She has continued to make the mortgage payments. Client’s earlier petition for formal administration without a will was dismissed.

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