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Pro Bono Case Summaries – September 2021

NOTE: All cases below can be handled remotely. Additional up-to-date pro bono cases are listed at the bottom.

Family Law

Case # 21-xxx6333 (Divorce)
Our Spanish-speaking only client seeks a divorce from her husband of 30 years. The parties have been separated for almost 2 years and their two children are adults. Client has been a homemaker throughout their marriage but she does not wish to seek alimony because husband is disabled and his income is limited to Social Security. However, husband has agreed to pay for client’s car insurance. The only marital assets are two vehicles and a joint bank account. Client seeks assistance in filing a dissolution of marriage.

Case # 21-xxx4235 (Divorce)
Our, elderly, Spanish speaking only, client seeks a divorce from her husband of 5 years. They have been separated for the last three years due to Domestic Violence. The client owns the home she lives in which she was awarded in her previous divorce. The only property she owns with her current husband is a mobile home which he lives in. She does not want anything from the opposing party. The client’s main goal is to try to get more social security from her previous ex-husband so she would like to get a divorce as soon as possible. Volunteer attorney needed to represent the client in the court process.

Case # 21-xxx2436 (Paternity)
Client has two children, ages 5 and 4 years old. Client thought that the father of the older child was one man and listed his name on the child’s birth certificate. There was also a court order ordering him to pay child support for this child in Puerto Rico. Later, client obtained a DNA test that demonstrated that a different man is actually the biological father of her older child. This biological father is also the father of the younger child and his name is listed on the younger child’s birth certificate. The legal father is now aware that he is not the biological father of the older child and is willing to cooperate in any way necessary. Client seeks assistance in filing a paternity action which establishes paternity of both children. She understands that she would need to address the disestablishment of paternity and termination of the child support in Puerto Rico.


Case # 21-xxx9905 (Guardianship)
Our client seeks assistance with being appointed Guardian of her disabled adult daughter. The intended ward has severe epilepsy which cannot be managed by her medication. She was diagnosed as completely disabled around the age of fourteen. The client is her primary caregiver and was advised that she needed to apply for Guardianship. Volunteer attorney is needed to represent the client in the court proceedings to obtain Guardianship.


Case #21-xxx1945 (Probate)
Our client, a single father, needs assistance with a probate matter. The decedent passed away in 2019 with our client being the only heir. Her home is the only asset in the estate which she left to the client in her will. He has been living in the home with his nine children for the last three years. Client has been paying the mortgage and the taxes and would like to re-title the home in his name so he can obtain homestead exemption. Volunteer attorney needed to represent the client in the court process

Disaster Relief

For disaster relief cases, please contact Jason Susalla directly – jsusalla [at] bals.org.

Case #21-xxx5487 (Probate – Hillsborough)
Our client's mother unexpectedly passed away in February 2020. Because of the suddenness of the death, the mother died intestate. The mother left behind a bank account that has been since frozen, leaving assets that the client is unable to access. The client needs assistance with the probate of the mother's estate, focused on remaining asset of bank account.

Case #21-xxx2801 (Property Damage Liability Assessment – Pinellas)
Our client's mobile home was damaged due to a fire occurring in early June 2021. The client alleges that the fire was started because of improper electrical work conducted by the mobile home park on the exterior of the property. The mobile home is still damaged, but repairable. The client has expended some of her resources to partially fix the property. The client needs a review of the facts and evidence (including a fire department report) to determine whether there is merit for a property damage liability case. If merit is found, assistance is also needed with pursuing legal action against the mobile home park for property damage.

Case #21-xxx3224 (Last Will and Advance Directives – Pinellas)
Our low-income client, having recently suffered a severe fire in her home, is in need of a last will and advance directives to ensure that her estate is in order. Our client is unable to afford an attorney. The client needs counsel on and drafting of a last will, a healthcare surrogate, and a living will.

Up-to-Date Cases

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