How do I prepare an Answer to the foreclosure?

  1. Copy the information from the top of the foreclosure Complaint. Include the court name, the case number, and the division. Include the names as they appear on the foreclosure paperwork.
  2. Title your paper “Answer to Complaint in Foreclosure.”
  3. Next, your Answer should respond to each claim made against you in the Complaint. You should respond to each line by using the same numbered order as in the Complaint. For each line, write “admitted,” “denied,” or “without knowledge,” and explain more if needed. For example, if you tried to make your payments and the lender would not accept them or would not return you calls, you should include this information.
  4. Sign the Answer. Write your name, address, and telephone number under your signature.
  5. Write that you sent a copy of the Answer to the Plaintiff’s (the lender’s) attorney by mail. Write the address where you will send it and the date that you will send it. You can find the name and address on the foreclosure Complaint. Sign again underneath this information.
  6. Make two copies of the Answer when you finish with steps 1-5. File the original with the Clerk of Court. Send one to the Plaintiff’s attorney and keep one for yourself.

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