My landlord is not making repairs. What can I do?


  • Give a written Notice to the landlord listing the significant problems you want corrected. Make sure that your rent is current.
  • Deliver the Notice in person at least seven days before rent is due. If you mail the Notice, mail at least 12 days before rent is due.
  • If the landlord makes reasonable efforts at resolving the problem in the 7- or 12-day period, pay the rent.
  • If the landlord does not make reasonable efforts, you can hold the rent. (Do not spend it.) If the landlord files an Eviction Complaint for nonpayment of rent, you can defend based on the failure to repair.
  • If you are served with an Eviction Complaint for not paying rent, deposit rent owed into the court registry and file a Motion to Determine Rent. Attach a copy of your written Notice of the problems.
  • You may not make the repairs and deduct cost without a written agreement from the landlord.

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