Bay Area Legal Services Awarded Grant From Pinellas Community Foundation

The Project Will Address Racial Inequities in the Wake of COVID-19

Bay Area Legal Services is the recent recipient of a Pinellas County Community Foundation 2021-2022 General Operating Grant. As a result of this funding, the St. Petersburg Team will research the impact of the COVID-19 evictions on communities of color in Pinellas County. With this research, Bay Area will produce a Racial Justice Strategic Plan and Project Trainings to improve the housing, health and educational outcomes for low-income residents of Pinellas County. The Team will engage in trainings and conversations with our social services partners, members of the legal community and local government to help reduce systemic racial inequities impacting our client community.

As a legal services provider, we have seen first-hand the negative impact that the pandemic has had on housing stability and preservation in our community. Evictions impact a family far beyond the immediate loss of shelter. With women of color and children at higher risk of suffering long term inequities from evictions, this funding will allow us to develop a plan to target these inequities.

Headshot of Lisa Brody

Lisa Brody, Assistant Deputy Director and Managing Attorney of the St. Petersburg Office

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