What other resources are available to help with disaster relief problems?

Resources that may help with your disaster relief legal needs.


Disaster Preparedness: Planning for the Next Disaster
A few ways you can better prepare yourself and your home for a future disaster.

Post-Disaster: What Happens Next?
Some things you should do after a disaster hits.

FEMA Pro Tips: The Do's and Don'ts
A few do’s and don’ts when filing a FEMA claim.

Common Problems for Renters During Times of a Disaster
Following a disaster, many issues can arise that can make life difficult for a renter.


Application for FEMA Assistance
Apply for FEMA disaster relief assistance online.

Figuring Out FEMA
A pocket-sized guide that breaks down the process of enrolling in FEMA's Individual Assistance program.

Appeal Your FEMA Decision
Online guide for filing FEMA appeal.

Disaster Assistance Video Series
Videos covering the FEMA application and appeals process, and other disaster-related information.

Disaster Recovery Center Locator
Facilities and mobile offices you can visit to learn more about FEMA and other disaster assistance programs.

FAQ: Verifying Home Ownership in the Disaster Assistance Process
Homeownership issues when requesting FEMA assistance.

Disaster Unemployment Assistance
Information and application for unemployment assistance due to disasters.

Hurricane Preparedness for Persons With Disabilities and Access and Functional Needs
Preparation for persons with disabilities.

Evacuating Yourself and Your Family
Resource guide for planning to evacuate.

Learn about Florida hazards and emergencies.

Disaster Legal Services Hotline
(888) 743-5749

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