Kevin Johnson


Each year, approximately 20,000 youth will age out of the foster care system without a permanent family.

Kevin Johnson holding a sign that says mental freedom

19-year-old Kevin first sought our services in August 2015. His time in the foster care system from a young age had taken its toll. Kevin spoke of a mother who abused, neglected and abandoned him, a father he never knew, an excessive number of placement changes while in foster care, and of the many adults in his life who had lied to him or let him down.

Attorney Heather Tager and Social Worker Anny Guzman-Castillo of Bay Area Legal Services, however, did not let him down. For three years, they fought for Kevin’s rights. Heather and Anny ensured that Kevin had the basic resources he needed, such as stability in his placement and even clothing. In between major court appearances, there were many visits, texts, and calls—a reminder to Kevin that there were adults out there who were fighting for him. Adults like you.

When we interviewed Kevin, he was all smiles. Surviving beyond the foster care system would be a struggle, but a freedom he embraced. You could tell the relationship he had built with his attorney Heather was not one he would forget easily.

She [Heather] didn’t give up on me like the foster care people did. Just knowing that you have someone who genuinely cares and wants what’s best for you—that’s what counts.

Kevin Johnson

Former Client

Today, the young man who once told us he was destined only for death or prison is now attending community college and is majoring in … social work! When we asked Kevin what justice meant to him, his response was nearly instant, “mental freedom.”

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