Tristan Overcashier


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Tristan Overcashier

Attorney Tristan Overcashier shares his Disaster Relief Team pro bono experience:

I had a fulfilling experience working with the Disaster Relief Team at Bay Area Legal Services. The entire staff is dedicated to helping members of the community in need.

Working with the Disaster Relief Team as a pro bono attorney, I was assigned a client who had suffered damage to her home from Hurricane Irma. Mary Lindsey, a case manager with the Disaster Relief Team, had been in the process of helping the client find different forms of disaster aid when I took on the case. She quickly caught me up on the status of the case and provided valuable information regarding the client and her goals.

Mary truly went above and beyond with her care and work for the client. I could always count on her to help explain situations and be there when I met with the client.

Tristan Overcashier

Pro Bono Attorney

She worked to help gather the necessary information and documentation from the client. She also coordinated with other members of the community to find the best aid possible.

Most importantly, the client clearly trusted Mary as an advocate and this helped with every aspect of my representation. I also felt the full support of the attorneys in the Disaster Relief Team (Jason) and the rest of the team (Jena).

Overall, I was inspired by the care and dedication the Disaster Relief Team provided the client. I look forward to working with such a compassionate team in the future!

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