Creative Ways to Give

Judge Joining Forces

Judges Joining Forces

Every year, millions try to navigate U.S. courts without a lawyer. These Judges are changing that.

American Inns of Court

American Inns of Court

The following Inns of Court actively support Bay Area Legal Services annually. These Inns of Court host unique fundraisers like special events, donation drives, and matching firm opportunities to support legal aid in their community.

Cy Pres Awards

Cy Pres Awards

Bay Area Legal Services is eligible to receive nominations and awards for cy pres funding.

Justice Lovers

Justice Lovers

Justice Lovers strengthen our community by donating both time and treasure to Bay Area Legal Services.

Memorial or Honor Gift

Honor a Loved One

Celebrate a loved one by supporting legal aid in their name.


Employer Match

Increase the impact of your contribution with an employer matching gift.


Facebook Fundraisers

Celebrate your birthday by supporting a cause that’s meaningful to you.