Hall of Justice

Supporters of Bay Area Legal Services will be recognized for their generous contributions during the Justice Works! Campaign.

Donors who pledge to contribute a minimum of $500 for the next three years, beginning in January 2021, will be listed on the Hall of Justice. Donors will have to share their intentions to initiate a three-year pledge in order to be listed as a campaign donor. Please fill out the online Justice Works! pledge form to become eligible.

Hall of Justice Concept
Sustaining Law Firms Concept

Giving levels for the Justice Works! Campaign include:

JW! Legend: $30,000 

A Legend's pledge can provide life-changing support by sustaining our programs and creating more pathways to justice.

  • Tom & Cheryl Elligett

JW! Leader: $15,000 

A Leader's pledge can protect seniors from abuse and exploitation.

  • Bullard Family Foundation

JW! Defender: $7,500

A Defender's pledge can prevent homelessness for a family.

  • Chris W. Altenbernd
  • Betsy & Steve Chambers Family Foundation
  • Craig E. Rothburd

JW! Patron: $3,000+

A Patron's pledge can help a veteran receive the necessary benefits they were promised.

  • Mike & Rachelle Bedke
  • JT Garabrant
  • Forensic Accountants & Consultants, P.A.
  • J. Fraser Himes
  • Patricia A. Huie
  • Kathleen Kloiber Koch
  • Sarah Lahlou-Amine
  • Cory & Maria Person
  • Yohance A. Pettis
  • Leslie K. Schultz-Kin
  • Tori C. Simmons
  • Jacqueline A. Simms-Petredis
  • Scott A. Stichter
  • Dick & Kathy Woltmann
  • Gwynne A. Young

JW! Backer: $1,500+

A Backer's pledge can help a grandparent obtain custody of their grandchild to provide needed care and stability.

  • Joan C. Boles
  • Lisa L. Brody
  • J. Daniel Clark
  • Karen Cole and Truist’s Legal Specialty Group
  • Jeffrey E. Cox
  • Heather A. DeGrave
  • Paige A. Greenlee
  • Sara Alpert Lawson
  • Britt & Kathy Massing
  • Carol S. Moody
  • Richard & Linda Nielsen
  • Andrew M. O'Malley
  • Alexandra E. Pullara
  • Susan Steinberg Sandler
  • The Honorable Robert J. Simms Memorial Fund
  • Alex Sink
  • J. Thomas Touchton
  • Amanda M. Uliano
  • Katherine E. Yanes

Support from Law Firms

Law firms who pledge to participate in the Sustaining Law Firm effort for three years, beginning in January 2021, will be listed on a separate wall in the Hall of Justice. 

  • Buell & Elligett, P.A.
  • Burr & Forman LLP
  • Carey, O'Malley, Whitaker, Mueller, Roberts & Smith, P.A.
  • Cortes Hodz Family Law & Mediation, P.A.
  • Greenlee Law, PLLC
  • Gunn Law Group, P.A.
  • Hill Ward Henderson
  • Patricia A. Huie, PLLC
  • Kay Family Law PLLC
  • Kynes Markman & Felman, P.A.
  • Oliveros Law
  • Craig E. Rothburd, P.A.
  • Law Office of Amanda M. Uliano, P.A.


Please email development@bals.org or contact Development Director Alex Pullara at 813-232-1222 ext. 156.