How do I appeal a denial, reduction, or termination of SNAP (Food Stamps) or TCA (Temporary Cash Assistance)?

If you feel you have been wrongfully denied eligibility or your benefits have been reduced or terminated, you should request a Fair Hearing in writing. If you are already receiving benefits and appeal within 10 days, your benefits should continue, otherwise, you have 90 days to file an appeal.

The Notice you receive denying or reducing benefits should contain information on your Appeal Rights. If you lose on appeal, the Department of Children and Families can try to collect on any overpayment of cash assistance or SNAP benefits.

Your Fair Hearing request should state:

I would like to request a hearing before the Department of Children and Family Services. I do not feel the denial/termination/reduction of SNAP or TANF was correct because____________________ (your reason). Print your name, your address, name of your caseworker, your telephone number, and your case number, then date it and sign your name.

You should send it by fax to the Customer Call Center at 1.866.762.2237 or mail it to ACCESS Central Mail Center, P.O. Box 1770, Ocala, FL  34478-1770. Keep a copy of the fax transmission report. You should also give a copy of your hearing request to your caseworker and keep a copy.

If you need a translator, you should request one and state the language you need at the hearing.

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