Common Problems for Renters During Times of a Disaster

4 common issues and helpful tips to prepare yourself.

1. Have a copy of your written lease.

Make sure to have a written copy of your lease along with your other important records.

Be certain to review your lease for provisions, which address repairs, termination of tenancy, alternate housing, or other matters in the case of extensive damage to the property.

2. Have a copy of your records.

Do you have renter’s insurance?

If so, make sure to have a copy of your policy with your other important documents.

3. After a disaster, file a claim.

If you sustained damage to your personal property following a storm, make sure to file a claim with your renter’s insurance company.

Take plenty of pictures of your home before and after a disaster.

4. You may be able to get your security deposit back.

If you move without fault and did not cause damage to the landlord’s property, you are entitled to receive your security deposit as well – but this, along with the previous examples, can be complicated, and you are encouraged to speak with an attorney to seek legal advice and know your rights as a renter following a disaster.

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