Lawyers Helping Veterans

Rob Robinson

5 of the top 10 issues that lead to veteran homelessness can only be solved with legal aid.

Veterans frequently face stressful legal problems such as foreclosure, child support challenges, or drivers’ license revocation. These can affect their employment, their housing, and even their ability to obtain and focus on medical treatment.

A Veterans Administration study concluded that veterans receiving legal services had improved outcomes beyond the legal issues. With legal services, veterans might experience fewer symptoms of PSTD and psychosis, spend less on abused substances, and receive better housing.

Your Support Will

  • Expand the Veterans Initiative Team for improved outreach to veterans within our five-county service area.
  • Set the standard for innovation, delivering compassionate legal services through breakthrough projects such as our new statewide Veterans Legal Helpline.
  • Increase unrestricted funds, allowing agility in meeting the evolving needs of low-income veterans.
  • Ensure access to justice for all Florida veterans in need of legal support – whether through self-help resources, on-site advice, the Veterans Legal Helpline, or individual representation.

Our Generous Contributors to the Veterans Legal Initiative Endowment Fund

$25,000 and Greater

  • Hill Ward Henderson
  • Hillsborough County Bar Foundation

$15,000 - $24,999

  • Bajo | Cuva | Cohen | Turkel P.A.

$10,000 - $14,999

  • Mike and Rachelle Bedke
  • Gregory A. Glynis and Miriam E. Mason
  • Rywant, Alvarez, Jones, Russo & Guyton, P.A.
  • White Family Foundation

$5,000 - $9,999

  • Community Foundation of Tampa Bay
  • Mark and Mindy McLaughlin
  • New York Yankees Tampa Foundation

$3,500 - $4,999

  • Linda Mann

$1,000 - $3,499

  • American Legion Auxiliary, Unit 273
  • Thomas D. Arthur
  • George and Deborah Baxter
  • Karen and Bob Buesing
  • Amelia Campbell & Bill Sharon
  • Betty Castor and Samuel Bell
  • Honorable Marva Louise Crenshaw
  • Robert Freedman
  • Susan and Bruce Frieman
  • Richard A. Gilbert
  • Greco & Wozniak, P.A.
  • Joseph J. Kadow
  • Charles F. Ketchey, Jr.
  • Keith and Alice Kiplinger
  • Kathleen Kloiber Koch
  • John and Mary Catherine Lamoureux
  • Fredrick H. L. McClure
  • Kathleen McLeroy
  • Jeff H. Otterman
  • Jason Quintero
  • Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, LLP
  • Don M. Stichter
  • Sylvia Walbolt
  • Paul L. and Gail F. Whiting
  • Cary and Alison Wright
  • Gwynne A. Young
  • Tom & Magdalena Young

$500 - $999

  • Honorable Herbert M. Berkowitz and Gloria E. Berkowitz
  • Nancy and Bob Bolt
  • Mark A. Brown
  • Ann H. Campbell
  • James R. Dirmann
  • Scott Ilgenfritz and Margaret Mathews
  • J.P. and Lynda LaCasse
  • Sonia Lawson
  • Richard M. Leisner
  • Kevin P. McCoy
  • James B. Peake, M.D.

The following individuals have been honored or memorialized with a gift from an endowment donor listed above:

  • Maj. Gen. Curtis M. Bedke
  • Maj. Gen. Ernest Bedke
  • Mike and Rachelle Bedke
  • Col. Emmett Kelly Bittick, US Army (Ret.)
  • John W. Boult
  • Kelly Cruz Brown
  • Charles S. "Chuck" Casper, II
  • Captain Michael Anthony Cerrone
  • Blaise Nolan Gamba
  • Col. Donald T. Gilbert
  • Jeremy Gluckman
  • James Edwin Hurst, US Army
  • M.E. Hurst, US Army
  • Glenn F. Kloiber, US Army
  • Lieutenant Clarence M. Lawyer, III, USNR
  • James Leon McCrory, Capt., USAF
  • Robert F. Motte, US Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel Omar T. Ojeda, USAF (Ret.)
  • Homer Lee Otterman, US Army
  • William R. “Bill” Platt
  • Carlos E. Quintero, 101st Airborne “Charger”
  • Bruce Adams Samson
  • George Kimbrell Streeter, US Navy
  • Thomas Eugene Streeter, US Navy

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